Friday, August 15, 2008

H. E. Double Hockey Sticks

Wow, I just looked at the last time I checked in with you all.

A lot has happened during this little hiatus. We had to say goodbye to a fantastic comedian and brilliant soul man in the same weekend, Phelps has won his 80th gold medal and some insane band of "researchers" with too much time on their hands have found bigfoot and claim to have the real deal chilling on ice like a bottle of Moet.

Lately I've been struck with a situation at my job. I usually don't choose to elaborate what's going on in my professional life with strangers on this blog, but the events that may or may not happen are ones that are going to turn my life upside down regardless of outcome. Its not a secret that you can't trust anyone in business, but my god, you have to have a little optimism hidden somewhere behind all the bitter knowledge and cynicism. Otherwise, how the hell else would you survive a nervous breakdown and not bring an M-16 into the building? It just seems that in the 5 years that I've been at my company, I have had to constantly fight and negotiate with people who have it in for me with no real reason other than I work harder than they do. I know I'm sounding amazingly pitiful and whiny but I shit you not, some of the people I work with are fucking crazy and have been there a tad too long...(c'mon, you have to at least know one stupid twat where you work too, if only you had 5 extra minutes, rope and a shovel). What's irking me is that at 23 I have forsaken fun, an actual life and have sacrificed care and commitment in personal relationships to the grind of work. When is it time to pack it all in and call it a day? Do I stay for the cause and reverse the injustice of how I'm treated, or do I flip the bird at my superiors and go on a long vacation after I turn in my resignation? Only the coming weeks have my answer. Even with everything they are not knocking me down. I can bet my entire 401K on that. I'm at a crossroad and holy hell, all the directions are unclear.

Readers (all six of you), if you are having a hard time with something or someone, the situation doesn't matter, you have got to fight as hard as you can, as long as you can. Be one step ahead and cover your bases. Nothing scares bullies more than being outsmarted. They may have the big mouth or the muscle but you will have something way more powerful in creativity, fearlessness and passion. Show them your heart and you will win.

Keep those gloves up.