Monday, September 29, 2008

You wild, crazy, beautiful thing.

1925-2008I had a week off of work due to too many piled-up, untaken leave hours (533 to be exact). Today, I'm sadly back to a job that I don't really care for but it pays the bills. Even more depressing was reading the bad news while on my morning net surf. A man that has thrilled and inspired me ever since I first moment that I saw him had passed away on Friday. This is kind of tough to understand. In some way, I had chosen to believe that Paul Newman was immortal, someone who'd we have around forever. Maybe that's what would happen if I had my way with everything, but I guess the man upstairs thinks a little differently.

One of my favorite movies is Nobody's Fool. I tell you this because I think the little extra push of talent behind every role that he undertook made all the difference, even in smaller films you can tell that he gave it his all. Newman's Sullivan was crabby, sarcastic and a little mischievous when it came to women. Someone you can be pissed off and laugh with at the same time. His acting made you think, made you fall in love and took you away from your problems for awhile. He sure did for me.

Thank you for humanitarian work, thank you for the films, memories and images. Most importantly, thank you for showing me that raw emotion and a passionate spirit is beautiful and something not to hide.