Wednesday, November 26, 2008

God Don't Make Lonely Girls

It's a cold, rainy and dim day here in Nowheresville. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it immensely. There's just something about days like this where it seems that I'm in another place. Sort of like enjoying the muggy scene in Seattle, or walking the damp streets of New York. The way my voice always gets that little twinge of Demi Moore-esque huskiness. Dunno why, but these pictures just cap it off nicely. I'm a sucker for good b/w photography.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Insight of an Oversight

I love this song and vampy lyrics, when the brilliant and fun Rufus Wainwright puts his spin on things, its even better...

Leonard Cohen-"Everybody Knows"

Everybody knows that the dice are loadedEverybody rolls with their fingers crossedEverybody knows that the war is overEverybody knows the good guys lostEverybody knows the fight was fixedThe poor stay poor, the rich get richThat's how it goesEverybody knowsEverybody knows that the boat is leakingEverybody knows that the captain liedEverybody got this broken feelingLike their father or their dog just diedEverybody talking to their pocketsEverybody wants a box of chocolatesAnd a long stem roseEverybody knowsEverybody knows that you love me babyEverybody knows that you really doEverybody knows that you've been faithfulAh give or take a night or twoEverybody knows you've been discreetBut there were so many people you just had to meetWithout your clothesAnd everybody knowsEverybody knows, everybody knowsThat's how it goesEverybody knowsEverybody knows, everybody knowsThat's how it goesEverybody knowsAnd everybody knows that it's now or neverEverybody knows that it's me or youAnd everybody knows that you live foreverAh when you've done a line or twoEverybody knows the deal is rottenOld Black Joe's still pickin' cottonFor your ribbons and bowsAnd everybody knowsAnd everybody knows that the Plague is comingEverybody knows that it's moving fastEverybody knows that the naked man and womanAre just a shining artifact of the pastEverybody knows the scene is deadBut there's gonna be a meter on your bedThat will discloseWhat everybody knowsAnd everybody knows that you're in troubleEverybody knows what you've been throughFrom the bloody cross on top of CalvaryTo the beach of MalibuEverybody knows it's coming apartTake one last look at this Sacred HeartBefore it blowsAnd everybody knowsEverybody knows, everybody knowsThat's how it goesEverybody knowsOh everybody knows, everybody knowsThat's how it goesEverybody knows

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Today I made, what I consider a big step into full adulthood. I got up this morning, skipped breakfast as per usual and got myself to work through the morning cold only a minute late, did what I needed to do and then at 9:20 AM, made my way to the Latter Day Saint's Church aka voting center and did my thing. Under my terms, my decision and will.

Being a voting virgin I like to think that I had a good experience and I definitely will do this again next year. After placing my ballot in the machine, I got the complementry sticker and walked through the front doors feeling a little hopeful and a little uneasy.

What's going to happen? Who's going to take over? Will things get better or worse, will we leave Iraq and all the places where we are not wanted and get back to the problems here? Stuff is up in the air, that's for sure, and the unsure reality is frightening... Its a time of change and purpose and we're all in the middle of it.

I didn't start my blog to be a political place. By no means. But I can't help but talk about this election race, the start to finish of dog determination, lies, magic tricks and grandeur (and I'm just talking about McCain's campaign) and the idea of a president of a unique background, someone who's "been there". Hold on tight lady, were going for a ride...

No matter how you voted, the outcome or who you chose, it's a good thing that you did. In a time such as this there needs to be passion and bravery. We'll see tomorrow...