Friday, August 7, 2009

Aint' That a Kick

Nothing like Leonard Cohen on a Friday night to make the mood...

Love what you do, do what you love because you can lose it all within the blink of an eye.

Lately I've been working like crazy (what else is new). But I notice that I feel differently about it now. I'm proud about it, I don't fight it as much therefore I'm not so stressed. I want less drama all around. I creatively feed off of the buzz of a silent room and I'm thankful for the moments when my brain finally settles down and there's a complete and clear thought filtering through. I want to stay home more, out of the chaos. I love my body, the way it feels under nice clothes, I've grown my hair long and there's been actual consecutive days I've gone without make-up. Hell, I just looked in the mirror and I have a nice little patch of silver hair coming in. I'm now 24 years old.

For now it's just about learning. And having fun along the way. I'll have some short story stuff up soon.

Closing remarks: R.I.P godfather of many childhood summers- John Hughes, I've missed Cary Elwes voice so so much, Back pain sucks, as a kid (and even today) I was made fun of for being a mix of different Native American tribes (Natives making fun of an Native for not being the "right kind of Native) and that twat Jessica Simpson claims she's 1/16th Native American on "her mother's side" and it makes headlines (shakes head and sighs- people are crazy) and finally, you'd half expect Eric Bana to just beat the hell out of you if you so much as breathe around him- but he's a funny/nerdy yummy man. Props!