Monday, June 14, 2010

The Loser

I anted up, laid it down the best I could
The bar set high with mounting anticipation
Watching your hands work in rhythm
Mixing sweet, melodic concoctions
Unknowing that you’d do the same with me

You’d select me off the shelf,
Use the right amount, careful not to spill
Work the elements, chill and bring me to your lips
Enjoying how wonderful I’d feel
Satisfying the long deep thirst

But the happiness short lived, the talk grows
Quieting a buzz-worthy thrill of high altitude
Because with the fun, there is always withdrawal
Moral depraved we may all be truthfully
There are always those who falsely claim decency

You’re the dark heart of man, thrashing heavy
To them you’re the Loser in the gossip
It’s alright with me though, it’s not a reflection
Rather an opinion and we all have those
I do understand the hustle, the want, the game

But the name does suit your style I have to say dear
Revealing what it could be like to finally misplace
Every hurt caused by someone else in our lives, we’ve taken a beating
Never going to forget the consideration you gave me in the night
That seems to be lost everywhere else during the day


C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...
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C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...

sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, I've been researching some things for my book and finalising my travel plans for Europe in the fall.

but enough about me, like the poem alot...also like the card game part.A very nice touch.

P.S. if you're wondering why I deleted my first post the answer is simple... I don't type very well.

MataHari said...

Good Evenin' Duke:

I wish you luck and success with your book endeavor. I'm actually planning for Europe next year. Rather excited and nervous, I've never even been to the rez let alone another continent.

Thanks for your comment as always, I appreciate your reading.

P.S. I type very well, you gotta practice. ;)

C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...

Yeah I know what you mean, I've never left the country before, but I'm really excited about the whole thing.Besides We've already bought the tickets so it's not like we can back out now.As my favorite writer once said "By the ticket, take the ride".

so what countries are you visiting if you don't mind me asking?

P.S. I do need to practice typing, wanting to is another matter entirely...

MataHari said...

Im not to sure on the specs. yet, although I know Ireland is one of the places. We are still in the developmental steps of it all.

I know what you mean, wanting to do anything lately has been a challenge.