Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its The Way She Moves

A common misconception that most people have about me is that they think I'm tall. This isn't true at all. I'm probably what is considered as "average" 5'6", nothing special. But I do like wearing high heels and find it pretty easy to walk around in any 3 inch heel without any problem, there have even been times were I've had to sprint in them. Entertaining to watch, but trust me, it takes skill. I like that about myself.

I mentioned the height thing because lately, it seems that there has been something or other just ready and willing to knock me down. Whether it's people, accidents or my own insecurities regarding life, my career or whatever - I'm always fighting to keep going, fighting to make it through. Sometimes I win, sometimes I'm flat on the floor trying to cover and protect the vulnerable parts. My mind is always set 3 steps ahead of whoever may be wanting to do me any type of harm.

Today, in the midst of chaos I realized that I go through my existence like I'm 6 feet tall and that is what people are seeing. Maybe this is the key, the clever trick. Maybe I'm only fooling myself. But if there's anything I've learned it is that whatever does it for you is alright. I used to be embarrassed of my opinionated self, I used to tone it down when people challenged me by being judgmental. Doing that caused me nothing but headaches and anxiety. But you know, I'm finding that there's nothing wrong with a girl (even a short one) that has a backbone. I like being tough and feminine all in the same body. Sometimes it seems that there's no guy out there who wants anything to do with someone like me, other times I could care less because I'm selfish and I enjoy my independence.  

Bottom line, if you see me walking your way, you better be ready. 

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breeezewith4Es said...

They'll kick ya when you're down and they'll kick you when you're up, won't they...

...sounds like you got a lot of fight in ya champ!

Lately, I'm flat on the floor a lot, but then a weird thing happens: I begin to float.