Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Quiet Path

Fallen leaves on the ground
They found me
Waved the girl in lovingly
Showed me the way
As the worn streak of earth
Curved like my heart once did
Gone, the desperate past
It had taken my sight
Stolen my strength
Unlike the distant running water
Dissolving my reputation
There's such a calm here
Either you feel it or you don't
I'm no longer fighting
Fists to open palms outreaching
Creating a crease in the breeze
In this emotional wilderness its
So easy for you to survive
Man doesn't exist
Solely to take you down
Any further than I have been
Raw energy of the setting sun
Tells me to smile and breathe
Doing just that is all I need
Because I've done my time out there
Beyond the tall trees
Deep in the canyon of city buildings
I hand over my fears
My choices will prove pay-off
Clarity screams at me
On the quiet path


Curious George said...

I've read and re-read this. It feels like forgiveness, of others and of self, and acceptance and resolution.
But perhaps I've misunderstood, though I do admire the language and the incongruity of "clarity screaming" and a "quiet path."

MataHari said...

It is that release and let go that we all kind of look for in certain situations in our lives.
I've found that incongruity runs through my own life quite a bit and has skewed my perspective on things. I can be thankful but never fully satisfied. Keeps me on my toes.

C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...

that was beautiful, as is your profile picture (but that's far off course from the point I'm trying to make).

I see a lot of wanabee writers on this site (myself included) but you appear to have something very special and unique...talent.

sincerely a new fan

MataHari said...


Thanks for the comment. That was lovely :)
I hope to have more things up soon that you can enjoy.
Sorry to tell you, but I'm actually a 50 year old man... (just kidding- I'm feeling silly today).