Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wild Thing

The Kansas boy done good.
I had a ideal morning, a visit from my Dad and a nice lunch with family. It seems like one of those quiet days where nothing much is going to happen. Where the heat from the sun is the only thing having any effect on your patience and the breeze swishing by reminds you of times when you were younger and happy to be without responsibility.
As you may have noticed, I have given a deep, deep devotion of myself to all things film. I am a lover of cinematic situations. I respect the thousands of golden hour scenes I have witnessed, I pledge eternal loyalty to the characters; underdogs, lovers, fighters, bad guys, put-apons, takers, thieves and selfless givers, you name it, it's been done. In reading that today was Dennis Hoppers last day on earth, a little part of me went with him.
To see a passionate person such as he was on screen, to be a little afraid and wholly intrigued by him at the same time was such a treat for me. The wildman. Free spirit and indulgent creativity meeting somewhere in the middle of a crazy existence. He portrayed what some people wish they could be full time. Living life by one's own terms. He will be very missed. So with heavy heart, my hat's off to you cowboy.
"I am just a middle-class farm boy from Dodge City and my grandparents were wheat farmers. I thought painting, acting, directing and photography was all part of being an artist. I have made my money that way. And I have had some fun. It's not been a bad life."


C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...


I was beginning to think this was a dead blog until I saw your comment on my latest post.So I thought it would be polite to come and read your latest one.

Thanks so much for the feedback.

I guess you're my first reader on this site.

I too was saddned by the death of Dennis Hopper...any time one of the old breed of actors passes on it's a shot in the heart, but at least we had him for as long as we did.

Sincerely, C. M.

MataHari said...

I. Not. Dead. lol. I try to get things posted when I can, but my life is one big hectic schedule. So some posts can be few and far between.

You're right, and the movies are there whenever we want to remember, right? :)

Curious George said...

I just saw, for the first time ever, Easy Rider about a week before Dennis Hopper died.
I'm glad you posted something about him.