Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Heavy Metal Thunder!

Had a hell of a weekend taking pics (and having a good time) for the 1st Annual Route 66 Rockin' Rally! It was nice feeling to see people participating and hopefully next year it'll be bigger and better. Thunder Valley Rally is next! Woohoo!


C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...

Cool...I just got back from the city with a friend of mine, and on the highway we passed about 50 motorcycles driven by old men. We decided to call it "The Geriatric Division of the Hells Angels".glad you had fun.

MataHari said...

Cute. What does your friend drive?

C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...

An old Dodge Charger he fixed up.The mileage is terrible but nothing can beat that purring engine...felt like I was an extra in a remake of "vanishing point".

(Except when he turned corners then it was more like Danny Glover from the lethal weapon movies.)