Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Never in the Daylight

What am I doing with you
Oh, what you do to me
You steal a kiss but I
Do nothing to stop it
I play innocent bystander
But somehow I think you
Know that I'm the better thief
You have the control
But I pull the strings
A feeling tells me
That you're fine either way
Its a two way street
We just pass each other
On our way to somewhere


C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...

Nice to hear from you.I like the poem.You really capture that feeling of being in a decidedly one sided relationship and knowing that it won't last.

at least that's what I'm assuming it's about...



MataHari said...

Hi :) It's more of when there is no relationship rather than one-sided. There's still mutual respect to not be involved so feelings don't become a casualty. Enjoying the social taboo, where it's no real concern to anyone else besides the two having the actual interaction.
Also, knowing that it won't last but not because it was someone's fault, it's just not in the cards, you know?

C.M: Duke of the Derogatory said...

Okay, now I get it.thanks for clearing that up.

Regardless of what it's about I still like it.

breeezewith4Es said...

equally guilty, equally innocent